A LIFE Tribute donation is a gift that is given in honor of a loved one, either as a memorial or in honor of some special event.  For example, you may wish to contribute $50 to Christian Life Resources in your parents' names to honor their 50th wedding anniversary.  Or you may wish to contribute $100 in the memory of your grandfather who has passed away.  This donation is given to support the vital work of Christian Life Resources in our mission to use life and family issues as bridges to convey the love of God and the message of salvation through Christ.

After we receive your gift, a special LIFE Tribute notice will be sent to the one being honored to acknowledge your gift.  For LIFE Tributes given as memorials the notice will be sent to the family of the one being remembered.  Please put the family's address as the one to send the notice to.

This gift is given in honor of someone special in the celebration of life - both on earth and for eternity!

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